Bruno Books is a division of Salzgeber Buchverlage GmbH. Our current catalog contains the popular erotic fiction series, „Loverboys“ and „Gay Hardcore“, along with guide books about love, sexuality and relationships. We took over the back catalog of Bruno Gmünder GmbH, which we now also distribute, and we have gone on to expand our catalog with new publications in English and German. in German

shows all the books and e-books that are available in Germany. This includes publications in German and in English. The German branch of thus includes a shop function. We deliver all our titles within Germany free of mailing fees and at the fixed retail prices. We only deliver our books within Germany. Since delivery abroad has become too expensive, we have to refer our potential international customers to sellers in their respective countries. in English

shows our books that are available from our distributor in the USA. Because we don‘t deliver books to the USA from Germany, the English-language branch of has no shop function. Because there are no fixed book prices in the USA, and each seller can offer books for individual amounts, we haven‘t included prices on this page. This page is for information and display purposes only. Potential customers must be referred to their local sellers.

General terms and conditions of business, delivery information, privacy policy and return policy are therefore only in German.